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rally for a year of protests demanding the resignation of ukraine's president move into their eighth day some of them having turned violent demonstrators are cross the country angry that kiev turned down in the e.u. integration deal. in guantanamo prisoners is double agents some of the world's most dangerous man reportedly freed and paid for collecting data from abroad plus. residents of the u.s. state of texas sounding the alarm bells over a string of increasing tremors something the area hasn't seen before. the damage that is. going to be. is going to go on for many many many years and it's not something that you're going to be able to undo many of them pointing the finger at controversial fracking technology both for their health and the environment.
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for am in moscow i met a very good to have you with us our top story this hour protests against ukraine shelving any you integration deal has been going on for more than a week and happening in the country's capital as we speak these are peaceful scenes but police dispersed one rally with tear gas stun grenades and buttons on saturday demonstrators want the president to resign after he said no to europe or he's like sarah chefs' he has more from kiev. during the week e of central square was the stage of the mass protest of those supporting your integration and opposing president acknowledges decision not to sign the euro association deal in vilnius it is no longer the case right police now controlling the area during the night several hundred policemen came here and dispersed the crowd and eyewitnesses say that the dispersal was rather violent more than thirty
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people were arrested and more than forty had to be hospitalized with different injuries the right police cordoned off the area not letting anyone inside the square and while the opposition is still contemplating the next move people are literally enraged with what happened this night know what he actually expected that this rally would be dispersed especially considering that for the last three or four days it was very very peaceful and no clashes no violence was reported the fact is that many grayness thousands tens of thousands that have been protesting against the coach's decision i talked to some of them and i realize that not all of them were actually aware of what they were protesting against italy. greece. spain. portugal. similar picture notes are deceiving well
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a number of european countries has been protesting against brussels policy ukraine is probably the only one where people are taking to the streets in tens of thousands to support the idea of your integration in the thing yet we deserved to be near a guy shoes to be the deal would have allowed us to get better education in europe but this was not about being in the e.u. joining the union was not even on the table the two hundred page blueprint of the agreement never said anything about a visa free regime and we are hugely isn't about that my wife can go to poland and buy a lot of food for just ten her even though which is just over a dollar that's twice as much as i can buy here for. a hundred degrees. but the government was concerned that ukraine's domestic products would be swamped by cheaper goods the worst case scenario could have been factory closures and a catastrophe unemployment rate and brussels was offering no compensation for any potential economic losses and despite that ukraine's leadership has hinted a deal may still materialize in march next year that would mean
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a longer winter on the streets for the angry crowds who are refusing to go home they want the president's head before they do. reporting from kiev ukraine. has become the center of the protest movement but staunchly pro e.u. leval of isn't far behind opposition activists from the country's western city plan on joining protesters in the capital kiev meanwhile wants the courts to ban mass demonstrations in the center of the city until the start of next year european union officials spoke out against what they call excessive use of force by police during the rallies of a political commentator alexander cross of thinks it's hypocritical because of how some e.u. nations handled their own protests. it's very weird for that to hear that the european union leaders and especially the people in brussels condemning the ukrainian government for using the police to disturb the two to deal with the demonstrates is and if i can tell you in any of those countries and europe brit
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greedy spirit to go eat their knee you name it police deal very roofless sleep with will demonstrate this especially if these demonstrations against the austerity which is imperialist on these nations by brussels and for these same people to go and tell the ukrainian government that they are heavy handed with their demonstrate this is just hypocrisy. ukraine's presidential elections coming in early two thousand and fifteen and the e.u. plans to revisit the agreement sometime during that year he have says it wasn't offered much economic support from the e.u. but the block has stated that its position it won't change our case paul scott takes a look at how the deal fell apart. a moment of power allowed access to the ukrainian president viktor yana cold which comes face to face with e.u. leaders for the first time since stilling one historic trade deal the whole thing caught on camera. i. think.
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it's clear that he has decision to hold for seedings has rankled elite is flowing ease of negotiations the e.u. sense is outside the us we have to set aside short political calculations. and we may not give in to external pressure know the least from russia on a cause that says the financial deal also isn't large enough to prevent damage to ukraine's flailing economy of course neither ukrainian businesses nor the government have this amount of money or will have any time soon that's why ukraine is not ready to take responsibilities he's not capable of fulfilling yet knowing so where does this leave the situation ukraine's proposals for trying not to hold
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talks with russia were rejected by the e.u. or brussels finances may not allow them to increase the offer to kiev look at the european union massive run called employment throughout the course of the entire union they have a euro currency project which is a fiasco realistically the only thing the european union can try to do is keep blame storming anybody russia who cares because the european union is ultimately falling apart at the same so a you depart vilnius contemplating what might have been despite coaching president on a coach they simply seemed unable to offer him a deal that was tempting enough scots vilnius lithuania. not just ukraine's government that wasn't sold on prospects for the e.u. more young people in the bloc are joining far right movements which are often seen
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as offering an alternative to brussels policies on saturday many took part in the we are the youth conference in the e.u. capital activist ruben rossiya participated in the gathering and says what he thinks is behind the rise of the far right within the union. in italy greece spain and portugal finding a job is not that easy these days so of course people go looking specially young people go looking and searching for solutions and i think that there are some movements that can give these solutions to the problems of today that the capitalist and liberal system has cost the government over the european union that they totally don't care about the jobs of young people so we can see that people are looking for alternatives we can not say that it's a fact a nationalist revolution we can just say that it's very logical thing to happen it's a logical thing when people are left behind as they start to organize themselves
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and if they start to think. the one time obey detention center designed to hold america's most dangerous prisoners could have been the source of spies for the cia according to several reports the u.s. had been recruiting agents there since the early days of the war on terror the double agents were promised not only freedom and safety but also cash payments and exchange for providing the u.s. with valuable intelligence from abroad the process of recruitment and training apparently carried out in secret cottages not far from the camp designed to feel more like hotel rooms than prison cells dozens of inmates reportedly offered jobs that only a handful agreed on top of most former chief prosecutor colonel morris davis says that the more guilty you were the greater the odds of being sought out to work as an agent. i would assume like in many organized crime cases sometimes you got to make a deal with the devil to try to get someone further up the food chain i can tell you call some consternation from my prosecutors because in some cases we are asking
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them to prosecute people for war crimes and they're saying way that you want to prosecute the lieutenant at this level but we've let is colonel go we've created this kind of paradox of guantanamo where if you are a big enough fish you potentially get a free ticket home in a wad of cash to take with you if you can still get prosecuted and if you're in that lower category the people who have been cleared you're still at guantanamo and the tensions of the more guilty you or may have been better for you. they're concerned about your privacy online be sure that you aren't alone london playing host to crypto festival an annual event and teaching people how to evade online surveillance and surf the net anonymously. when you go past the sign this is one twenty with a line through it the gloves are off baby you can drive you can really add government is off your back in germany. germany is famous autobahns could soon face restrictions from the e.u. much to the displeasure of local drivers this and more after
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a short break. from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africans the colony is a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of someone's home leaders who are under the from the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank's development of social programs goes to pay back debts country is drowning under the amount of debt that they did and so every is they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back oh that's. all that money really. the wages of debts. right on the scene.
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first rate. and i would think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. would be in the know. one thing that i still can't understand it and i don't want to good mood but i have this one question. that. it was a. he tried to restrain himself but look first out anyway. it
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really puts me off that i have such a father. it was one small but very great secret that i have to live with for the. pleasure to have you with us here today i'm sure.
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corteen minutes past the hour a string of increasingly strong earthquakes that shook up communities in a rural part of texas left authorities there searching for answers residents though think they know the cause pointing to the hundreds of local shale gas fracking sites the process involves pumping thousands of tons of toxic chemicals to literally dissolve rocks underground it's been argued for years that fracking could potentially cause earthquakes but that's been hard to back up with data calvin tillman a former mayor of one texas town no turn environmental activist thinks that harming the ecosystem for cash could have irreversible effects. some pretty good at it shows the injection wells was all of the fracking noise deposited and they have been linked to these earthquakes and i think you have to be ghoulish to not think that all of things going on underground is going to have you know the long term
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stability of the earth at the legislative level the oil and gas industry has a significant influence probably more in the third taxes than they do in any other state in the united states around the world the impact this is has i mean you know by the time that you. hear the noise and have the earthquakes and smelling the odors in your water as methane it is too late at that point and so you know the damage that is done or that's going to be non is going to go on for many many many years and it's not something that you're going to be able to undo. clinical depression could be seen as a reason for denying entry into the u.s. a canadian woman was not allowed to board a flight to the states with border authorities saying that she lacked the necessary medical clearance to cross into the u.s. now she wants to know how officials had her medical history on file dot com for the full story. plus the russian city of almost in siberia witnesses this shocking
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scene an empty bus fully engulfed in flames rolling down the road at online for more footage and all the details. of. the so-called crypto festival held every year in london with one goal helping you keep your private life private free courses eriksson's lessons on how to evade online surveillance secure e-mail and browse anonymously laura smith went to pick up some tips. what now for the internet is still the most important cultural and economic development of the last twenty years but since the snowden leaks the general public is now realizing it's also a giant surveillance network that's not news to these people there's security and it's contributes to scientists activists and just interested people who come to get the crypto festival their skills are hugely into market with more than twenty one shops to teach you use stuff like how to have private conversations on instant
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messaging for example encrypt your emails browse the internet anonymously and it's all aimed at no one expert so i'm hoping that we'll be able to bring it down to my level as he shows me how to encrypt my computer ai and is there one thing that you can do that sort of the base level security for me you know we just got to try a brochure of run running this allows you to surf. the web pages without revealing that you weren't using this web page now many people in the west it might sound quite unimportant but of course in many places in the world where it can be visiting a website can already get you in big trouble and this web browser creates a connection over the internet through other systems that hides did you or you where you are physically on the planet very much right. the main beef of i in and the other people who inherit crypto festival is that young people aren't being
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taught this security etiquette if you like as a matter of course and it's something they're going to mean more and more in the future. online currency bitcoin now almost overtaking gold in value a single bit coin currently trading for more than eleven hundred dollars just shy of an ounce of bullion richard stallman president of the free software foundation says one of the points of editors is the freedom to spend your money any way you like. one good thing about bitcoin is you can send money to someone without getting the permission of a payment company so for instance if you want to support the leaks which is a very good thing and which the u.s. government doesn't want to let people support and has used extra judicial means to chase off the internet partially didn't succeed completely well with because you can do it. and it's very point value continues to grow it probably hurts for a computer programmer from wales to think about his carelessness now on our website
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the story of how the man accidentally freule way on hard drive loaded with seven point two million dollars worth of the virtual currency. people try and sneak all sorts of contraband into prisons but in several israeli jails it's what's being snuck out that's becoming an issue five women in the west bank have given birth using sperm they allegedly got from their incarcerated husbands are policy or has the details. lydia ramai calls her son america. the apple of her eye he was born against all odds. when the fact that most was born has given us hope he's everything to us in the end we won despite all the obstacles for us he is the ultimate luxury mushed was born despite his father's absence a dull karimov ramai is in israeli prison where he's been sentenced to twenty five years for murder lydia was afraid she'd no longer be able to have children by the time he got out and so instead of waiting for him she did the next best thing and
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the range for his sperm to be smuggled out the first time i went to visit my husband with his niece son the soldiers went crazy when they saw the baby like i was carrying a bomb they started asking questions like how come you have a baby smuggling sperm from prison is gaining popularity in the palestinian world but first the community must approve after this happened if the procedure is quite straightforward the first thing they have to get. that they have a sample from that. they get if they get a sample we ask of the women of the wife of the prisoners to bring with they have to fear is the good related from head side and to first beginning with the from her husband's side. to declare that this will belong to this woman's husband the sample can survive for up to forty eight hours before being frozen five years treatment. is three months pregnant her husband summer is serving an eighteen
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year sentence. i haven't had children for eleven years my husband was in prison all this time the first time in prison his wife got pregnant she basically gave hope to all of us. it's a puzzle for the israeli prison service in a mission statement they insist that security arrangements and inmates interactions with the visitors are carefully monitored. which makes objects exchanged much more difficult they further vul to prevent any smuggling of any kind and none of the people we interviewed would give details of how the sperm is smuggled out from under the watchful eye of prison guards there is almost no physical contact between security prisoners and their families but five babies have been born this way and eighteen women are pregnant. bringing a baby into this work in spite of the fact that his father is in the jews zionist prison is a form of resistance. we thank. turning now to
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some other stories making headlines across the globe demonstrators clashed with police across israel in the west bank defying a plan to lease settled better when a residents from the southern negev desert protesters were tear gassed after they started throwing rocks and officers suffered minor injuries there are about two hundred thousand better wins currently living in the area under the government plan and more than forty thousand could be forced to leave their homes. egypt's capital cairo seeing another day of unrest riot police fired tear gas to disperse stone throwing protesters public anger triggered by a series of arrests connected to a law against street demonstrations earlier this week twenty four activists were detained after taking part in an authorised protest. about a thousand supporters of greece's far right golden dawn party rallied in athens outside parliament against pretrial detention of their leader they carried torches and flags and chanted anti-government slogans the party's leader and two other
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members were detained following the september death of a leftist rapper on charges of forming a criminal organization police were deployed to keep order no incidents were reported. one person reportedly shot dead during clashes between government supporters and opponents in thailand's capital bangkok hundreds of protesters on the streets for a seventh day in a row they say the government should step down accusing it of acting above the law demonstrators were triggered demonstrations were triggered by a proposed amnesty law that could see an ousted former prime minister return from exile finally in the new blog germans are proud of their fast and furious autobahns but no potholes are speed limits to bar the way but the e.u. is going to set restrictions already by speed maniacs going to germany just to test their sports cars but a lot of german drivers don't like the idea of brussels backseat driving as peter all of our reports. when you go past the sign this is one twenty with a line through it the gloves are off baby you can drive you can drive really
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government is off your back in germany and you can drive the maine says drive as fast as you want. it to the country right now around the world for its. unlimited speeds germany could be said to fall foul of regulations that could see drive this country paying high performance cars limited to a maximum of about one hundred fifty kilometers an hour the planned clampdown would see cars fitted with a device that automatically applies the brakes whenever a car exceeds the speed limit in the area the idea is to increase highway safety thirty thousand people die every year on your roads but combine your five trips on buying the notion that a slow down or save lives statistics also show a major accidents etc not on the autobahn this is on the streets off side the
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autobahn and this is already very limited. and for some it's a clear indicator of the european commission overtaking should not see the problem at the moment is that many of those rules are being made by the commission and are not being subject to democratic accountability in the european parliament and that seems to me is is the source of a lot of the frustration and tensions in countries a decision on whether to move ahead with the idea is expected in the new german drivers however have already made up their minds it will kill the joy of driving. i am against speed limit it will cost those jobs but all the wall be will not allow that to happen people will fall asleep at that speed the whole reason we built beautiful roads was to drive on them properly it's going to be a tough one for the e.u. to come to. germans that their speed she'd be in the hands of brussels so till. i
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was dxed the germans. to the french or roast beef to the british. not things they going to want to give up control of easily. control of a. more international news coming your way in about a half hour coming up after this break the story of a russian army veteran who realized he could no longer live as a man stay with us. one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put
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a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are will very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because with you like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yet that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although adult beauty pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so see it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. there's one thing that i still can't understand what you mean i don't want to ruin your
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good mood but i have this one question what do you doing this all for. listen to me you had everything. respect authority you gave them all up and decided to go your way but what for. it was a way to inform he tried to restrain himself and find his place in society in spite of this disease. but look here in the first out anyway is that if. you're sitting in a really puts me off that i have such a father. if the warming up to it was one small but very great secret that i have to live with.
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go along i am a transsexual woman is where news and now i'm going through a transition period the so-called homeowner will stage when i need to adjust to society as a woman that's why i need to change my sex in my passport in the passport in a pool there's been no surgery as you know no not yet it's very expensive and i don't have enough money with her with the money to the right amount first and with a name you already over dove in my passport people treat me as though i'm a non-person and i can't find a job lawyer as you don't even believe it's really my possibility that. you substantiate your claim with a number of medical reports could you present them to me so far you have only presented a medical report from professor going to check his clinic or so i thought that report would be enough.


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